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I just downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS and am really frustrated and overwhelmed. I'm looking for a tutorial on how to turn a large image into a 100x100 icon. Like how to get it cropped, to get one face in an icon...


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27th Jul, 2009 16:31 (UTC)
I don't have one with pictures, but this is very easy to do.

1. First, use the crop tool (c command) or you can find it in the toolbox, it looks like an actual crop like you'd use in yearbook club).
2. Take it and drag a box around your image. Then using the little boxes at the sides, top, bottom, and corners of the crop box to make the image you want in your icon visible. Once you're satisfied with what's being kept, double click and the image will be cropped.

Now, you want to make it 100x100. First, Go to Edit > Canvas size Now you'll see a bunch of arrows. Say how you cropped it at the top is good and you don't want anything else cropped off the top of your picture. Click on the arrow that points straight up and that will tell canvas size not to manipulate the top of the picture when it crops.

Now you'll see something like
height: 3 inches
width: 2.4 inches

Click on inches to make a drop down menu to appear and select pixels. Now it might say something like:

300 px
240 px

Well since you want a 100x100 square icon, highlight the 300 and change it to 240.

Now click Okay. A popup will appear. Click proceed because it's asking if it's okay to crop your image, which is what you want.

3. Okay now examine the image that you have before you. Is it what you want? If not, then fiddle with steps 1 and 2 until you get it the way you want it.

4. Now that you've found the right cropping, we're going to make it 100x100.

Edit > Image Size

Now you'll see your image size in inches again. Click on inches and change it to pixels.

Now you'll see something like

240 px
240 px

Make sure a box about constraining proportions is checked, if not you can always manually change both integers, but this will change one to fit the other for you.

Now change 240 px to 100 px in both boxes.

Hit Okay.

5. Now look at your new icon. Does it look like you want it to? Are you happy with it in the smaller size? If not, repeat these steps until you get a base you like.

Now, some things to note:

1. It doesn't have to be 240 pixels, I just used it as an example
2. Control + z is the undo/redo command. If you want to undo many steps use Control + alt + z, if you want to redo multiple steps, use Control + shift + z
3. If you can't get your image to crop in a square no worries, you can always use the canvas size to fix it. Sometimes what I do is get either it cropped horizontally where I want it or vertically and then adjust with canvas size.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them :D Sorry this couldn't be a visual tutorial but I don't have the time to throw one together at the moment.
27th Jul, 2009 22:12 (UTC)
Thanks so much! Do you have any simple/easy tutorials for learning how to use layers?
27th Jul, 2009 23:25 (UTC)
Well I learned mine through trial and error, and they're pretty easy to figure out by playing around. Some basic to know about layers are:

1. Order matters, the layer above overlaps the layer bellow
2. Transparency of a layer can be achieved through manipulating the opacity of a selected layer or changing it to multiply.
3. Multiply - makes things overlap transparency so a red layer over an yellow layer would give you orange.
4. Color - can tint a layer underneath the color you pick. You don't have to fill in an entire layer to do this, you can use the brush and squiggle a yellow line around and hit color that will make things more yellow but will not turn them yellow.
5. Overlay, screen, soft light, hard light, ect...are about light sources and making things brighter.

Just play around with it and colors and you'll catch on.A lot of it is very intuitive.
27th Jul, 2009 23:26 (UTC)
Oh and really good resource for photoshop tutorials is http://www.deviantart.com. They don't really give basic tutorials but say you want to make some clouds, it'll tell you how and by learning how to make clouds, rain, color images, ect...you can learn the functions of a lot of filters, layer types and such. There are also websites dedicated to photoshop tutorials that you can find through Google easily.

Most of what I've done with photoshop I've taught myself or picked up by browsing tutorials for things more than tools.
28th Jul, 2009 18:07 (UTC)
I've been working with photoshop all day and really loving it. I'm trying to figure out how to get some brushes I downloaded into photoshop.
28th Jul, 2009 18:15 (UTC)
When you right click to select your brush, there will be a small arrow in the corner of the brush selection. Click that arrow. A set of options will come up along with the option to change your brushes to other presets and to import your brushes into photoshop.

A good idea will be to put your new brushes in the brush folder so when you do import them into photoshop, they'll be easily accessible and you won't have to go hunting them down.
28th Jul, 2009 23:50 (UTC)
Do you know where I can find a plain black border?
28th Jul, 2009 23:57 (UTC)
Well what you do is when you select the shape tool, look at the top left of your screen. You will a box with circles on the corners and beside it the same box with the pentool logo in it. Click on the box with the pentool in it.

Now, take the square shape tool and make a square along the edges of your picture. Now choose the size, shape and type of brush you want. This works with anything from the default brushes at size 1, 5, 19, 100, ect...or say the maple leaves brush or rubber ducky brush.

Now that you have your desired brush chosen, click on the pentool and right click on your picture anywhere.

Now select the option Stroke path. Next, select brush from the drop down menu and hit Okay.

If you don't like it, hit undo and adjust your brush until you like it.

Once you like it, you get rid of the square parameter by taking your pentool and right clicking anywhere and selecting Delete path.
29th Jul, 2009 12:20 (UTC)
Thank you!

I'm having trouble with something else, I'm having trouble creating a layer with an image. When I have a background and want to create a new layer with an image it automatically sets the image as the background...it doesn't post to the new layer...does that make since at all?
29th Jul, 2009 14:39 (UTC)
Duplicate the layer marked as Background and then unlock it by clicking the indented black padlock icon on the layers pallet. If you can't see the layers pallet, go to windows and select it from the drop down menu.

When you import an image into Photoshop it always locks it like that, but that's how you get around the permalock on the image. You can always click the eye to the left of the Background layer and that will hide the permalocked layer from view as you work.
29th Jul, 2009 16:46 (UTC)
It doesn't seem to be working. This is the tutorial I've been working off of: http://colourfulgirl.livejournal.com/3420.html

and I can't seem to get each picture to have its own layer.
29th Jul, 2009 16:52 (UTC)
Oh I see what you mean now.

Okay, you're going to want to take the lasso tool and use it to outline each image you want to separate. When you outline the first image you want to separate, there will be a dotted blinking line. When you see that, hit control + x and then hit control + v and the portion of that picture you want on its own layer will paste onto its own layer.

Repeat the lasso, control + x control + v method on each portion you want to separate out until everything you wanted on its own layer is on its own layer.

That's actually what I did with the icon I'm using to reply to you. I outlined Kirk (yellow shirt) and then cut and pasted him onto his own layer and then moved him steadily closer until the picture was more square without cutting out half of either his face or McCoy's (the guy in the blue in the foreground) face.
2nd Aug, 2009 14:57 (UTC)
I've been working and working with photoshop, I think I'm an addict. =] One thing I can't figure out is how to download fonts into photoshop. I downloaded them and put them into my fonts folder but they aren't appearing in photoshop.
2nd Aug, 2009 15:10 (UTC)
Now that is something I myself never quite figured out how to do. What I'd do is go to Google and run a search for "Photoshop CS2" or whatever your version of Photoshop in quotes, followed by "importing fonts" tutorial. So in your googe search box should be:

"Photoshop X" "importing fonts" tutorial

And I think that'll find you what you seek.
7th Jan, 2010 05:36 (UTC)
this worked out for me pretty well. thanks for explaining it.
Do you by any chance know how to rotate individual layers in photoshop??
7th Jan, 2010 06:15 (UTC)
Select the black arrow tool (v)

Make sure at the top of your window show transform controls is checked.

Now hover your mouse outside the dotted lines that appear until it looks like a curved arrow and left click.

Now that the tranformation lines are solid, right click anywhere

Select rotate

Now either drag the mouse around to manually rotate or go up to the top of your screen.

Find an icon that looks like a triangle angle thing (should be stage left of the H and W boxes) and change the angle of the layer by entering actual degrees like 45 or 180 or -62 until it looks right.

Now go to the tools palet and try to change tools.

A dialogue box should appear and you'll want to click "apply transofrmation" unless you don't like the transformation then you can always not accept the changes and tweak until you do.
7th Jan, 2010 20:19 (UTC)
You're awesome! Thanks!
For some reason I just couldn't figure it out. Lol
7th Jan, 2010 21:03 (UTC)
XD Well, to be honest I never would have thought it up myself. I took a basc computer graphics course in high school which taught me the basics and then I've expounded my information from there.
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